Luke Krbyla

Aug. 6, 2020 at 1:51 p.m. PDT

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Luke doubles as a strength and conditioning coach as well as a kinesiologist. He is experienced in designing and implementing successful functional strength training and rehab programs for a wide variety of individuals, both athletes and non-athletes.

Born and raised in the Kootenays, where he spent the majority of his time during winters playing hockey, Luke left to attend the University of British Columbia-Okanagan to receive a bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics. After spending several years in Vancouver gaining world class experience at Twist Conditioning (founded by Peter Twist, former Vancouver Canucks S&C coach for 11 seasons), he has brought his craft back to Kelowna.

Luke’s passion for training stems from growing up playing sports such as hockey, soccer and baseball. Knowing he was never the most talented athlete on the team, he soon looked to training in the gym to excel his game. As he became more educated, Luke began understanding how the flaws in his own training as a teenager may have hindered him from tapping into his full potential. These experiences are now what drive him as a coach to instil proper athletic development.

Aside from various sports and weightlifting, Luke loves remaining active while enjoying the outdoors. Free time spent hiking, camping or fishing are ideal. As well, family, live music and travel all rank high on his priority list.