Jason & Kelly Van Montfoort

Sep 2, 2020 at 11:19 AM PDT

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We’re Jason & Kelly Van Montfoort and we’ve been helping people become stronger versions of themselves since 1998.

We love strength and all things kettlebells. We're Kelowna’s only StrongFirst School of Strength, SFG Certified Instructors, the world's leading authority on kettlebell training. No other style of training can match the kettlebell at building strength, power, endurance and all around health and fitness. Fat loss, muscle gain, mobility and stamina are all built on a foundation of strength.

Strength is not reserved for the elite. Anyone with persistence and attention to detail can learn to use a kettlebell. People who train with us get far more than just a workout. They learn skills, build grit, get stronger and they change.

We’re also Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches, the world’s number one nutrition coaching system. We know there are many reasons that following a meal plan is difficult and it’s not a lack of willpower or a weakness of character. The tension of competing priorities can make lifestyle adjustments messy, conflicted and not something that happens overnight. Our online platform provides daily lessons and check-ins and allows us to work through the unique challenges of each client in real time. Deep health can’t be achieved through exercise alone. We’re nutritional behaviour change specialists. If you’ve struggled with fat loss in the past or don’t know where to start, let us put our experience to work for you.