Dr. Eckenswiller - Pain Specialist and Opiate De-Prescription

Category : MEDICAL
Aug 27, 2020

For inquiries, please call the clinic at: 778-583-8314


email: specialty@primekelowna.ca

Qualifications: HBSC, MSc, M.D. PhD CCFP Medicine, Behavioural Neuroscience

Dr. Eckenswiller shares her time between Caleo Health in Calgary and PRIME. She works with tapering patients off of Opioids following spinal surgeries. She believes in a movement/exercise based tapering program and works collaboratively with our team of physiotherapists & kinesiologists; helping those dealing with chronic pain ween off of pain killers. Listed below are the patients that she works with, and the referrals she will gladly see.

1.) Chronic Long-Term Opioid Use

2.) Chronic Joint Pain

- Spine Pain - Patients with chronic spine pain, radicular pain, neurogenic claudication (spinal stenosis) - all causes, acute, subacute, chronic, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, etc.

- Other Joint Pain - acute, subacute chronic, pre and post-operative, non-surgical.

3.) Patients Recovering Post-Injury or Polytrauma, All Causes.