Dr. Eckenswiller - Pain Specialist and Opiate De-Prescription

Aug 27, 2020

For inquiries, please call the clinic at: 778-699-8314


email: medical@primekelowna.ca

Dr. Eckenswiller is currently working with Caleo Health in Calgary and will be joining PRIME in September. She works with tapering patients off of Opioids following spinal surgeries. Denise believes in a movement/exercise based tapering program where she works collaboratively with our team of Physiotherapists & Kinesiologists; helping those dealing with Chronic pain ween off of pain killers. Listed below are the patients that she works with, and the referrals she will gladly see.

1.) Chronic Long-Term Opioid Use

2.) Chronic Joint Pain

- Spine Pain - Patients with chronic spine pain, radicular pain, neurogenic claudication (spinal stenosis) - all causes, acute, subacute, chronic, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, etc.

- Other Joint Pain - acute, subacute chronic, pre and post-operative, non-surgical.

3.) Patients Recovering Post-Injury or Polytrauma, All Causes.